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Odent Lammers Seminar 2016



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It is an honor for us to welcome Dr. Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers to Berlin to offer a Symposium and Paramana Doula course addressing questions of how we birth. This 3-day event is open to the public and serves as an opportunity for maternity care providers to engage and deepen their understanding of childbirth practices and their long term implications. It is also an opportunity for practical knowledge that prepares you to care for birthing women as a doula or other care giver. For those looking to expand their certifications as care providers, or to deepen their research on primal health and childbirth, this seminar will provide that opportunity. It also serves to inform and instill trust in mothers and fathers-to-be about the context of their birth and the health of their growing baby.



“Nothing determines the development of a human being and the quality of his/her life as much as the circumstances of one’s birth.”

Michel Odent

Michel Odent, born in 1930, is a surgeon and obstetrician and one of the most rigorous interdisciplinary thinkers of our time regarding the experience of birth for both mother and baby.

Early in his medical career, Michel Odent was chief physician of the maternity ward in the district hospital of Pithivier, France. While there, Odent became the first doctor to introduce the now-popular water birth in a clinical environment.

He is an authority on the caesarean procedure and an influencer on it’s more than half century history. While succinctly explaining the benefits and disadvantages of the c-section (including distinguishing between the procedure with or without labor), he calls for undisturbed environments for birthing women.

With decades of interdisciplinary investigation into childbirth practices and physiology, his expertise has influenced the way we approach birth in and out of hospitals. Among many other findings, he is known for describing oxytocin as “the hormone of love” highlighting its importance in mother-child bonding; he’s written extensively about childbirth as one of the orgasmic functions; and linked the relationship of our brain’s neo-cortex with our perceptions of pain and fear during childbirth.

Odent looks beyond the context of momentary choices (personal or professional) and points us to the long term impact birth choices have on the greater population and the evolution of Homo Sapiens as a whole.

In 1990 Michel Odent settled in London and founded the research community Primal Health Research Centre and Database. For many years since he has served as an obstetrician in practice alongside Liliana Lammers, whose approach to witnessing birthing women with as little disturbance as possible has greatly informed much of his investigations into childbirth physiology and its’ dependency on birthing environments.

“As for my work, it is so simple. I trust, I am very relaxed, I do not try to ‘know’…I just listen…and then you hear!”


Liliana Lammers

Liliana Lammers is an experienced and beloved birth attendant (doula) who originated from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is well-admired by the many birth professionals she had guided in understanding how they can develop a practice of trusting the birth process and detecting when the experience deviates from the norm. In her decades of experience, she has come to understand that this “norm” is one that is individual, but also greatly impacted by the birthing environment. While having deep understanding of childbirth physiology, her meditative approach to attending births has proven to be an invaluable source of learning. In her London practice, Liliana is one of the most highly-respected and in demand attendants for both clinical and home births.

After being one of the original founders of Doula UK, a national network for birth attendants, along with Michel Odent, Liliana Lammers and Michel Odent began to offer courses as part of the Paramana Doula Institute. These are intensive and conversational exchanges to highlight the unique benefit of the birth attendant’s role in the birthing environment. They specifically distinguish this role from other practitioners and professionals embedded in the medical context, in order to protect the beneficial nature of those providing continuous care to birthing women. Liliana is a mother of four children and a grandmother.

For those specifically interested in more information about the Paramana doula course content (and certification) on this weekend, please go to the “Program” page in the menu bar.

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BIRTH TO BIRTH TALKS: My primary aim with this series is to illuminate ideas, stories, and practices that help us reimagine and optimize everyday experiences of childbirth. As stories in one generation reflect the results of optimal care, we begin to inspire the narratives of the next.

The vital knowledge in this field ranges from that of luminaries to those who choose to remain unknown. I aspire to cultivate a space where all of these voices can be heard.

In each conversation is it essential for me to continue my life-long interest in giving agency to women’s voices about women’s bodies. Childbirth is at the forefront of this agenda, so this platform explores important contributions to making this a reality.

It is an honor and pleasure to have Dr. Michel Odent return to Berlin alongside Liliana Lammers to share their decades of knowledge researching, and simply witnessing, the wonders and concerns of childbirth, primal health and maternity care.

Thank you for joining us and bringing your own presence, voice, and story to this conversation.

– Camalo Gaskin, Founder of Birth to Birth.

BABY BUBA: As I ask, what moves me to manifest any idea that has ever come to my mind, the answer always happens to be this: a feeling of joy and passion springing from within me. This feeling is what I strive for and find worthy of sharing. Each of us is so very different from the other, and have created our own life experience. I feel this is what life is about: expanding, joyfully co-creating, becoming the truest possible versions of ourselves, which is, of course, a never ending experiment.

The “BabyBuba” platform is part of The International Center of Alternative Education, which is a project of connecting people on wildly different paths, inspiring them to discover the voice of their inner-self. “BabyBuba” is just born. It has a long, wonderful road before it. It will become a space, a real place, where one can come for comfort and inspiration. It is for parents, grandparents, babies and kids, children, teachers of all kinds, doulas, midwives, doctors, students, writers, movie-makers, chefs, architects, clothes designers and anyone who adores his or her life and is always seeking to live more authentically. This seeking expresses itself differently, individually, but still, we are united in our search for the true presence of life within us. Babies and children know this intuitively. We were all born to feel the way they do; I know this from watching my wonderful son, who instructs me daily through the clarity of his example.

The “BabyBuba” center is about this, (re)learning to feel life in the most powerful way, to love, to play, to be happy. By the day of the seminar, there will be a link to the “BabyBuba” web-site center project, so everyone can join us in this miraculous journey and watch on-line how this hopeful idea will manifest because all of us were intending it to be so.

Thank you for being with us. All the details will unfold along the way. It is so good to let it all happen spontaneously.

– Vika Chilap, Founder Baby Buba


Our Proud Partner

Weleda has a long history of supporting natural and gentle approaches to childbirth, wellness, and the path through life beginning with the earliest years. With one of Germany’s most reputable midwifery schools, Weleda has been a great advocate for continuing the care we hope to deepen through these seminars. We are proud to partner with Weleda in carrying this Birth to Birth Talks vision forward.




A portion of the proceeds from the seminar registration fee will go towards providing resources for displaced refugee women who are pregnant or giving birth in Berlin.

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